Thursday, May 12, 2011

Note to Self....

This was my morning conversation with my 'self'.

Self:  Did it ever occur to you that you are not really on a spiritual journey, that it is in fact a human journey?

Me:  No.....what?

Self:  The idea of being on a journey at all, suggests that you are moving towards something that you are not.  When in fact you are already a spiritual being, you just don't fully understand your spiritual capacity and the wisdom that you embody.

Me:  So, I've been calling it the wrong thing?  Okay, whatever...  What should I call it then?

Self:  Why does it need a name?

Me:  It doesn't NEED a name, I just like it to have an identity.

Self:  And by giving it an identity, you will attach to it and then you will obsess about it and then there is 'comparing' and 'competition' between spiritual beings and that's not really the purpose behind  all of this anyway.

Me:  Ooooh, good one! 

Self:  The thing is, that this 'journey' is happening whether you are aware or not, and it is happening whether you are willing or not and it is happening whether you want it to or not.  As spiritual beings you cannot stand still, you are constantly in motion when it comes to your awareness, sometimes this awareness is profound and creates extreme change and sometimes it's subtle and it takes months or years for you to notice that you have a greater understanding about your life.

Me:  That makes total sense to me.  I can look way back and see where there was constant movement but I wasn't always paying attention, but now I can see how much had actually been absorbed and changed, even if it looked like 10 steps backwards.

Self:  Yup!  So to say that you are on a spiritual journey is a misconception.  You are here to have a human journey, to experience human things.  This will look like a variety of things to a variety of people.

How you are living is right for you, it is the human experience that you need to have.  And that could change in the blink of an eye so that you can experience something else and learn from that experience.

Me:  So the message of "you grow and learn more from your low moments than you do in your high and peaceful moments" is accurate?

Self:  If you characterize your low moments as 'human' moments, then yes.  It is when you are embracing your human side that you will learn the most about yourself.  You've experienced this when you have embraced what you consider a 'flaw' in your character, suddenly doors open up and you are in a state of complete bliss.

Your spiritual self already knows everything it needs to know about you and the world in it's entirety.  There is nothing to learn when if comes to your spirit self.  The moments when you feel connected to spirit are the moments when you have opened your eyes wide enough to see the truth and embrace it.  You didn't 'learn' something new spiritually, you recognized that it was there all along. 

Your 'human journey' IS your 'spiritual journey', they are one in the same, they are your journey to within.

Me:  I'm gonna blog about this conversation.

Self:  Yup!

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