Thursday, May 19, 2011

A life of purpose

There are so many people searching for who they are.  Searching for more purpose.

It's the age old quest for the purpose of life.  How many people though do you think actually find that purpose?

My quest brought me to Rosemary Heenan and her hand analysis services.  My frustration was overwhelming and the more overwhelmed I became the more clouded my goals.

It turns out, that I was in fact living my purpose.

That whole time I was frustrated, I was already living my purpose.

So what was the problem?

The problem was I didn't believe in myself, I didn't believe that what I was doing was important enough to be a life purpose or that it would in any way impact the world in the way that I wanted it to.

I've had the pleasure of mentoring a few clients who are struggling with their life purpose and each time the only thing standing in the way of finding that purpose was to make the decision to accept that they are living it now!

Our beliefs tell us that in order to make a difference (be on television or radio, make tons of money, give tons of money to charities, etc) we have to do something extra extra special.  And when we do that extra special thing we will feel purposeful and on purpose.

Let me ask you this "who decided what you are doing today isn't extra extra special?"

We've become ignorant to the truth of our purpose because we have been desensitized to appreciating the small things that we give to the world every day.

I'll leave you with this question for today "who would you become, if you knew that by being exactly who you are today you were already living your purpose?"

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