Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jenn's got her "warning" sign on!

Lately I feel like I've been handed many opportunities to empower myself (do you see a theme here?)

Except sometimes I feel so disempowered. 

You see, I prefer to enjoy life from a sunshiney disposition, always smiling and friendly to everyone.

I am well versed at overlooking the bullshit bologne.  Because to be honest, bullshit bologne is none of my business....

Then I get handed a challenge that makes me feel like ripping the faces off people.  Maybe because the bullshit bologne has piled too high and is spilling over, I don't know....

Maybe because I am a good person and I don't deserve to be talked about in the way that some people prefer to talk about me....  Does anybody ever deserve that?

Maybe because I can see the same behaviour in myself and it is ugly and I don't like it and the Universe really would like me to change it.


My apologies if I am being offensive, there just is no other way to put it...  And well, I'm just in the mood to not give a darn tootin' about being offensive right now... 

Honestly, I think it's time I get off my sunshine rainbow, put my warrior princess armour on and go ape nuts....

Here's the deal.... 

If you have spent no more than 2 hours with me in the entire time since you've first heard my name and of those 2 hours you were partly intoxicated, you have no grounds to speak of all!

If you have nothing better to do with your time than question the integrity of others and not the integrity of yourself, you have no grounds to speak of me...

If you have not discussed the issues you question with regards to the way I teach or conduct my business with me directly, you have no grounds to speak of me to others....

And lastly, if you cannot open your mouth and speak words of love and respect about everyone you come in contact have no grounds to speak of me.....

PS - Just so we are clear, I needed to hear this message tonight as well and will be taking my own advice (as always) in order to make ME a better person to all I come into contact with.


Jenn  xo


  1. Anyone who would speak ill of you Jenny-Belle has yet to acheive any level of enlightenment and is speaking from a very low vibrational place. If you stick to your true loving, accepting nature and don't let them suck you down into darkness (not easy but if anyone can do it, its you) you'll raise your own vibrational level even higher and the negative speakers will either rise with you or leave your energetic space because your light is too bright for them... I'll admit, when I find myself in these situations I often wish for the latter outcome! (Is that wrong?)

  2. You are the sweetest!
    I really struggled with sharing this post because I don't like to acknowledge this kind of behaviour, however I believe there is something happening that is pushing me to setting some clear boundaries of what I will and will not tolerate, I've known for a while that it has been coming, just didn't know it was going to hit so hard :)
    And no I don't think it's wrong to wish for people to just move on out.
    And you bet I'm going to overcome this and rise above it.... No doubt!

  3. Oooohhh!! Somebody was talking smack? Mean people suck.


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