Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Dance

What if every time you were facing a challenge.  You dropped everything..... and danced?

We've all seen the videos of flash mobs that take over malls, streets in the city and restaurants.  Imagine the change in your day when you witness this happening.  Suddenly, your worries and cares go out the window, your swept up in the music and the beauty of hundreds of human beings moving together as one unit!

I can't think of any better way to dispel fear, sadness and resentment.

Most music can turn my day around for the better.  And I've recently found that mantras and music surrounding sacred prayer can change not only my mood, but my life as well.

I've listened to mantras just before going off to bed and wake in the morning feeling rejuvenated and full of energy.  I feel like I have more clarity with regards to situations, as well things just start to happen magically for me when I give myself the time to listen to a mantra before bed or at any time during the day.

My absolute favourite right now is MC Yogi.  I discovered this amazing artist during yoga class a few weeks ago.  As we were laying in our relaxation pose I listened to the music and it was really hard to lay still!  The beat, the words, they made me want to get up and dance!  It totally turned my day around! 

I just got his cd in the mail the other day.  I popped it into the player this morning and started to dance! 

It feels so good!


  1. I love the idea of dropping everything and dancing! I just checked out your links, and then other flashmobs (which I had never heard of before), then the kids came downstairs, and before you know it, we were all gathered around youtube laughing, and excited, and amazed. How COOL. Thanks so much for this, Jenn.

    And I completely agree about music (and dancing!) turning things around. I find that happens ALL the time for me. It's a magical feeling.

    Thanks so much, Jenn, for these words, for stopping by my words, for these links, and for the inspiration!

  2. Music is magical in my world! Thank you for your kindness and appreciation Helena. I am blessed that you stopped by to say hello!


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