Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't Piss off the Granny with the Potty Mouth!

This is one of those "guess what happened to me today" stories.

I had run into the local Value Village to see if I could find some cheap old frames that could transform my art pieces and make them more hip...

Anyway, I didn't find any frames, but did get my hands on some Cuban maraca's (I only know they are Cuban because they are engraved as such) and a couple of really vibrant colored scarves (maybe I'll use them together?  Maybe not?)

So I proceed to the check out.

It's seniors day.

It's busy as all get out, the line ups are long and I'm contemplating whether or not I REALLY need the maraca's and the scarves when a member of the staff asks me to excuse her as she needs to move a clothes rack through our line.  So I move to the side (in front of the cash register area) and the elderly woman behind me moves back a bit to allow the girl through with her rack.

Before I can get back into line the old lady that was behind me rams her cart up really fast so that I can't get back into line, so I stayed where I was and as I was next in line proceeded to put my items on the counter to pay for them.

I guess this woman thought seniors day meant that on top of the 20% off she should get to cut in line whenever she wants to (and for the record, if she hadn't of rammed her cart up the way she did and been so rude about it I would have gladly given up my space in line to make her happy) because she turned her cart towards me, looked me straight in the eye and called me a "cunt"!

That's right...  You heard it here first people!

Since when do granny's say "cunt".

The woman ahead of me at the checkout turned to me with her eyes all bugged out as if to say "did she really say what I think she just said?" and at that moment I started to giggle....  I couldn't help it, the whole scenerio was priceless!

This made granny even more upset and she stomped her way over to the next cash register to wait in a line that was twice as long as the one she had been in.

I'm guessing this was not her day....

But she certainly made mine!

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