Sunday, February 6, 2011

The joys of parenting....

For every one story or conversation that I have with my 16 year old that is heartwarming and fuzzy, there are a gazillion others that are not....

So, today I thought I'd share one with you...

Me:  standing at stove, stirring rice for supper.....

Mr. 16 & knows everything:  ah, don't even bother asking me if my homework is done, because it is.

Me:  I wasn't going to ask you about your homework.

Mr 16:  and yes, I am probably getting my report card soon so don't even think about not trusting me to tell you when I do get it

Me:  what are you talking about?

Mr 16:  well you've always not trusted me about my report card

Me:  I only not trusted you that one time you lied about not getting your report card because you threw it in the garbage

Mr 16:  well anyway, you don't trust me and you really should trust me and stop holding these things over my head.

Me:  OMG!  you are TOTALLY trying to pick a fight with me and all I want to do is stir my F*&@!$# rice!

Mr 16:  Just shut up and listen to me, God I am so tired of you chirping at me!

Me:  I haven't said anything to you let alone CHIRP.  You totally started talking about your homework and your report card as if you were defending yourself and all I was doing was stirring the rice!

** this is where I start laughing and walk away while he continues to yell at me about what a nag I am **

So, sometimes I feel like I am insane living with this child.  Then I remember what it was like when he was younger. 

Then I realize, that we have ALWAYS behaved this way with eachother.

Like the time when he was 4 years old we were on our way to the cottage.  I was sitting in the backseat with him and we got into a little argument.  I remember my husband turning around in his seat and asking me if he needed to pull the car over and settle the argument for us!  HA!

I don't know what it is, he doesn't do this with his Dad, he specifically waits until he has me cornered and then he starts up.  It's almost like he has all kinds of pent up frustration and this is the only way he feels able to express it. 

All I do know is that every major argument we've had in this house has been the result of him opening a can of worms that really doesn't need to be open.  Then he complains that we're too hard on him.  Hubby and I are almost always left looking at eachother stunned because we don't even know what happened....

Oh the joys of parenting teenagers...

The saga continues......  stay tuned.....

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