Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Urge to Purge

For the past couple of weeks I've had this overwhelming urge to purge some old stuff. 

I had been holding on to binders full of prayers, meditations, information on spirituality, fasting and how to stay well.  I had pages and pages of poetry I had written, doodles of fairies and angels, journals full of feelings, acknowledgements and insight.

I pulled all of these binders out of their hiding place and page by page began to say good bye to the past.

At first I was hesitant. 

What if I decided I needed this stuff one day?

The answer to this question was this.  I have never needed this stuff.  Those journals full of old words, old feelings, old perceptions are no longer necessary for me to keep.  There isn't anything in those journals that is the least bit valuable.  Everything of importance is stored in my mind and body.  Everything that isn't important was gone a long time ago.

I read through journal after journal and was amazed at how far I had come.  That acknowledgement helped me to toss all of the information in the garbage.

I could only imagine the energy that was being stored in those pages.  The confusion, frustration, sadness, guilt and shame, still stuck there in the form of words and thoughts that served no other purpose than to remind me of who I used to be.

I opened up my creative journal today and began to cut out pages that were not conducive to a loving nature.  Anything that sounded critical, judgemental, frustrating or angry got cut into teeny tiny pieces.

I no longer see the purpose in holding onto journals full of past confusion. 

Life is so much lighter when the past is gone.

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  1. Thanks for visiting The Be 30 Project, Jennifer! This post made me chuckle. I have the urge to purge about once a quarter. With each change of season, I guess. It's the most freeing feeling :)


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