Friday, March 12, 2010

Simple & Consistent

So lately I have been mesmerized by something called "The Work"

I have been feverishly watching all of the YouTube videos of Byron Katie and her technique of turning around all the negative thoughts and beliefs that we have running through our minds.

It is absolutely fascinating.

I have begun to apply The Work to my every day life as well as using it with my coaching clients. The feedback that I am receiving tells me that this is far more effective than the techniques I have been using thus far. And the progress that I am making in my own awareness is more rapid than anything I have used in the past.

It's simple and it's consistent.

There is a deep need within me to live a life of simple abundance and peacefulness. It really and truly is all that I want in life.

I want to wake up in the morning and be content with whatever it is I am doing (or not doing) that day. I want to not attach an emotion to anything and make it something it is not. I want to be in total connectedness with the nothingness and the silence that lives within me. I want to embrace wholeheartedly the concept of whatever is, is and nothing else (I embrace this concept only when it suits me at the moment).

Can any of this be possible if we are constantly allowing our inner thoughts to control our exterior reality? If we constantly place a "value" upon all that we experience how can we connect with the perfection of life?

I don't think it's possible. I don't think that simplicity is a possibility when our thoughts are always making things so complex, distorted and frustrating.

This is why the path to enlightenment is paved with bald headed monks and silent retreats!

I believe that this technique is the way to enlightenment/complete awareness that all of us are looking for. The thing that can help us deal with our everyday circumstances and guide us towards a space of complete contentedness. Not a space where we vie for control over the people in our lives, not a space where we step on everyone in our path to reach the top of the ladder of success, not a space where everything that we encounter becomes a personal vendetta against us. But a space of completeness, understanding and ultimately bliss.



  1. love all of your art work on here!!

  2. Right on Jenn!
    Peace and tranquility come from loving what is. I wonder why I ever think differently and cause stress for myself.
    Ditto Lee-Ann. Your art is beautiful.


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