Thursday, September 10, 2009

Self Awareness 101

Self Awareness 101
This is a 7 week course offered to children ages 6-14 designed to build self confidence
We will explore topics that encourage deep thinking at a higher level of consciousness.
Our children are gifted beings sent to us to help us learn important lessons about life and to show us a very different way of living.
Children are our greatest natural resource.
It is time that we nurtured and supported their role in our lives.
Children will learn meditation/relaxation techniques, connection to their natural healing abilities, inner light exploration, how emotions guide us, self-confidence and inner exploration activities and much more!
Tuesday, October 13 - Tuesday, November 24
Investment in your child's well-being:  $50.00
Families with 2 or more children:  $75.00
(certificate of completion presented on final evening)
A healthy and balanced child is a healthy and balanced world!
For further information please contact Jennifer @ State of Being

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