Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Change on the horizon

Change happens...

Change challenges us to step outside of our comfort zone and make decisions that will make a positive and necessary difference in our lives.

Imagine that your life 5 years from now looks exactly the way it is today...

Go ahead, I'll wait.....

What did the idea of this feel like to you?  Excitement?  Fear?  Happiness?  Anxiety?

Ask yourself these questions:
Are you in the financial position you want to be in in 5 years?  Are you in the marriage you want to be in, in 5 years?  Are you in the position or job you want to be in, in 5 years?  Is your fitness, health and well being at a level you would be comfortable living with for the next 5 years? 

These are big questions. 

These are exactly the questions we need to ask ourselves.

As humans we are not meant to stay in one place.  Life is about experiencing a multitude of things and finding what makes our hearts sing.  We are meant to evolve.  What brings you joy and fulfillment today will not necessarily do the same for you in 10-20 years. 

And so we cannot ignore change, you can try to curl up in a ball and hide, bury your head in the sand so you can't see it coming or get all defensive about the situation that's bringing about the change, but ultimately the change will occur.

It's inevitable.  We experience change whether we like it or not.  It may just not be in a positive way, but change will be there and you will be a different person after the opportunity than you were before it arrived.

Sometimes the idea of change can be paralyzing.  There is almost always something or someone you don't want to let down when you are on your way to another destination in life.  The fear of letting someone down, not knowing what will happen next, whether or not you'll be supported on your journey are just some of the things that prevent us from taking action in our lives and creating the change that we need to fulfill our dreams. 

Many of us, right now are experiencing situations that require drastic change!  It can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Ask yourself this question:  If you could take one step (no matter how big or small) towards changing your life situation what would it look like?  And if your life is really messy in this moment, please just pick one issue so that you don't overload your mind and to-do list, most often one area will lead into another automatically so a little change in one spot will provide for change in another without much effort.

When we have faith and take steps towards change, it comes to us gradually and smoothly.  The transition is hardly noticeable and when we are done with the experience we almost always can look back and say "hey, that wasn't so bad".

When we deny the change, we slow it down and so every single bit of the experience is excruciating to live through.  The process is lengthened and we are often fatigued at the end of the experience.

Which experience would you prefer to have?

Make today the day you make a change.



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