Monday, June 9, 2014

The Vault

Waking up with dread or fear of lack is NOT a fun thing!

This morning as I was doing my morning routine I was thinking about this fear and the countless times it has taken over my day and crippled me with...well....fear.

I thought about the many times I've said "I need to make more money" or "I need to earn more money".  The idea of these sentences seems ridiculous really.  I don't even know how to physically 'make' money AND if I got paid for all of things I do around here I'd never need to earn another penny because I'd be stinking rich!

This musing became a meditation that I thought I'd share with all the folks who sometimes find themselves ensnared in the fear of lack game.  EnJOY!

*Imagine yourself standing in front of a large, silver vault.  You can see that there is a combination dial on the front of the door and you can also see that you don't need a combination because the door is opened slightly so that you only need to pull it open with your hands.

The door opens easily and freely with little to no effort at all.

Inside of the vault is brightly lit and is jam packed from floor to ceiling with stacks of freshly 'made' and 'earned' bills in various denominations.

Notice how you are feeling at the sight of this treasure.  There is a guide that is standing at the door waiting for you.  He/she tells you that this is the money that you have earned and deserved and have yet to claim/receive.  You step forward and your guide tells you to take as much as you desire and that no matter what you will always be free to come back for more when you feel you need to.

Take a moment and receive the money that you need/desire and turn to walk out the door.  As you walk out you notice a satchel hanging on a golden hook by the door.  The Universe thought of everything and has provided you with this satchel to carry your money in so that you aren't burdened by it overflowing in your arms.

You deposit your money into the satchel and pull the strap across your shoulder.  You notice that there is still room in the satchel for more money and that it's not that heavy to carry so you return to the piles of money to select more.  As you return you notice that where you have already taken stacks of bills they have already been replaced.  The vault is a never ending supply of financial abundance that is all yours.

You turn around and exit the vault.  Your guide gives you a hug and wishes you well on your journey reminding you to return as often as needed/desired.  She/he gently pulls the door to the vault so that it sits slightly open as it was when it first appeared to you.

You give thanks to the Universe and your guide for being so generous.

Take a deep breath and come out of the meditation feeling fulfilled and abundant.*

I did this impromptu meditation this morning and this afternoon I received cash in the mail.  Cash I had been expecting but totally forgot about.  Coincidence?  I think not :)

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