Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Love As Best You Can

This week I am in Ottawa with hubby.

I've been roaming the city while he's been stuck enjoying a water treatment convention.

This morning I was privileged enough to spend time chatting over tea with a beautiful cousin that I haven't seen in thirteen years (where does time go anyway?).  It was so nice to be in her presence, to hear a bit of her story and to laugh with eachother.

As I was heading to the park with my lunch after my morning tea visit I came upon a family that made me smile. 

Dad was pushing the stroller, Mom was helping lift the front portion up the stairs we were climbing; grandma and big sister were walking a few steps ahead.  As I approached them I heard that Mom and Dad were having a argument discussion about how they were going about this task; who was doing what and who needed to do that what better.  I got up a little further and heard big sister (who was about 3 years old) say 'only two more steps to go mom and dad'. 

Oh her sweet little voice.  Brightly reassuring them both that they would only have to endure the drama of getting the stroller up the stairs for only a few more seconds. 

In that moment I wanted to give her a big hug. 

I wondered if mom and dad heard her or if they were too busy inside of their own story to take in what was being offered.  I know as an adult who has been there and done that, that the stairs weren't the issue.  The pain and reason for the bickering has roots far deeper than the moment they were in.  And still I wanted to turn to them and say 'Love eachother as best you can'.  I wanted them to hear their daughters message that she so desperately wants for them to get along and see that obstacles truly are temporary. 

This little girl is like the wise guru on the mountain top; she has the miracle cure to what ails them in her flower lined pocket.

This little peace keeper.  I wanted to enlist her on my 'team' of love warriors.

She was gone out of my experience just as quickly as she came; but that doesn't mean her message has left my heart.

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