Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Simple Message

As I walked the dog this afternoon, I began thinking about the people in my life that I wish I still had relationships with and I began to wonder what it would take in order to begin again.

Then a message floated in my heart.  At first I thought this was the message I was to share in order to bring people back into my life.  Then I realized it was a message that needed to be shared with everyone and that it's not exclusive to people who have left our lives; but includes our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with God (or the Universe, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, whomever you feel close to or feel you need to develop a closer relationship with).  I imagine it to be the voice of that tiny spark that lives inside of each one of us.  That spark in me that can communicate effortlessly and beautifully to the spark that is within you.

Here it is; enjoy it, share it, love it.............

"I want to begin again.  I need to begin again.  I am feeling this message because I can.  Because it is a necessity to true healing.  What ails us can be cured with the truth that I am not a terrible person and you are not a terrible person and the circumstances to which we have found ourselves are not terrible.  In fact, they are beautiful.  Through these circumstances I have come to realize the value of your presence in my life.  The value of your face, your eyes, your voice, your arms, your heart.  We are not damaged, we are whole.  And in that wholeness we can find eachother again.  We can birth a new day, a new life, a new way of living that life; together.  Would you join me?  Would you enter this new day?  Would you heal with me?  My heart hopes you will."


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