Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Puppy Rules!

If ever I needed proof that lack of sleep leads to craziness & depression, I've found it.

New puppy.

No sleep for 4 nights now.

Equals.  Depressed feelings, depressed and crazy poems running through my head and a general lack of enthusiasm for anything that requires me to stand upright.

Just like back in the day when I was a new mom (eons ago!).  I had this same feeling of disconnectedness, like I was in a bubble, nothing I did was right and I was a complete waste of the term mother because I couldn't seem to get my act together.  I would cry when I was supposed to laugh and laugh when I was supposed to cry!

This new puppy has put me back into that same space of vulnerability.  She has me checking out every YouTube video imaginable to see if I'm doing it 'right'.  She has me second guessing my very strong intuition and she has single handedly (or pawedly?) turned our calm peaceful household into the land of the dead and cranky!

She's got the humans pitted against eachother and she is the CUTE AND CUDDLY master of deception!  One minute we're biting eachothers heads off the next we're doing the "Oh cute little baby, whose the baby, yes you're the baby, goo goo gah gah" with her. 

She has us wrapped I tell you!

I've always loved my sleep.  I'm beginning to realize though how important sleep is for my mental health.  Watching myself deteriorate little by little each day, hearing the voices in my head talk behind my back is making me nervous, you should hear the things they say!  I'm one sleepless night away from becoming a crazy bag lady that talks to herself on the street (btw. If anyone knows where I can get a cheap grocery cart let me know).

I've never in my life looked so forward to three o'clock in the afternoon when the boys come home from school. 

Watching them walk through the door is like taking the first bite of my favourite dessert,  divine bliss runs through my blood knowing that there is someone in the house that can puppy sit while I take a little nap!  A sweet, luxurious nap!  Oh my!

And yes, before you ask she has a crate.  That's what keeps her up all night!  I spend the time listening to her barking and whining and imagine that she is saying 'get me the fuck out of this crate, stupid human.  Can't you see that I am the ruler of this castle.  Rulers must not be crated!"  She says it in different tones and squeals to see which one gets the response.  Usually it's the high, sharp bark that gets my attention, that one means 'business'!

I know sleep will return to us sooner than we expect and to be honest, she's an absolute doll, totally smart (like her mama used to be before sleep deprivation) and a fast learner.  We couldn't be more happy that she's with us.

Sundae & Benjamin

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