Friday, April 22, 2011

Here's to new experiences....

I love a good challenge, especially if it is a new experience.

I thoroughly enjoy learning and proving to myself that I can do "it" (whatever the "it" is in the moment).

Today, was one of those opportunities.

I volunteered to help out with my son's Bingo fundraiser.

I have never played bingo (unless alphabet bingo counts) let alone stepped into a bingo hall.  So today was going to be ripe with learning and newness.

Bring it on!

I didn't realize Bingo was such a serious "sport".

I didn't realize people who frequent Bingo halls are not happy people.

I guess I just assumed that if you have the day off, have a wad of money to blow, a car that takes you from here to there and find yourself in the Bingo hall you WANT to be there, you WANT to have fun.

Apparently, I was wrong...  Really wrong....

God help you if it took you longer than 2.2 seconds to figure out the cost of all that was being purchased or you didn't understand their mumbled bingo order to the letter.

Me being the math whiz that I am (NOT) was riddled with eye rolls and deep heavy sighs that came to me from across the counter.

Thank goodness for the handful of lovely ladies and gentlemen that came to me with a smile on, eager to be waited on by volunteers who were giving their time to benefit their children's school.  I wanted to hug each and every one of them and thank them for their dedication to spreading love around the world.

I think there should be a sign on the bingo hall door that says "no shirt, no shoes, no smile, NO SERVICE".

Or how 'bout this (if any of you non-smiling bingo dwellers or anyone else needing a wake up call regarding gratitude are reading this).  If your house isn't floating due to flood or being carried away by a hurricane; if your fridge is full of food and there is heat flowing through your home; if you have a nice cozy bed to sleep in and someone in your life who loves you, YOU need to put a smile on! 

And that's that.....

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