Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life!

"It's a Wonderful Life" is my most favourite movie.  I don't wait till Christmas to watch it, I stick it in the dvd player every chance I get.

Today felt like the moment in the movie when Jimmy Stewart "comes back to life" and all of his friends file into the house emptying their pockets of all the money they have to save him from bankruptcy...

He had no idea how loved he was.  He had no idea what the people in his life would do for him.  He had no idea how his actions created a ripple effect of love and appreciation in the community around him.

It's an accurate picture of my life, really.  And probably your life too.

I do things because I want to do them, because they make me happy.  I enjoy being in the company of my friends.  I enjoy sending them notes of appreciation and encouragement.  It's easy for me to welcome people into my home, invite them to share meditation and Reiki with me.  It's easy for me to smile and embrace people.  It's easy because it's who I am.

We are all like this...  We do all kinds of things in life, thinking they are too small to make a difference because they come naturally to us.  When in actuality that sharing of what you love and those small bits of yourself transform themselves into amazing things!

For instance, you have coffee with a friend and share with them how much you appreciate them and how much you believe in who they are.  Then "POOF" one day you get a message from that friend who tells you that she's been able to move forward with a dream she has had because of your support and belief in what she has to offer.

So, just in case you've never been told.  YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Don't deny yourself the knowledge of all the good that you do in this world.  Whether you hold the door open for the next person or you spend the day cleaning the bathroom or doing the laundry.

Your impact is immeasurable because you are here and you are being what you need to be in the moment.

It's a wonderful life when you embrace the life you are living, whatever the situation.

Go on....embrace it!

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  1. Another heartfelt post chock full of wisdom. You are amazing and a gift to the world Jenn.


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