Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keep on running.....

I keep having those dreams where I am in familiar territory but I can't find my way... And I think I remember where I am going, but then I realize I have no way to get there but to run...and run....and run... Only to NEVER get to where I am going (or worse yet, get there too late).

All of this makes me a very tired girl in the morning.

You would think the meaning to these sorts of dreams would be obvious.

They are.

But I choose to ignore the obvious, because the obvious might mean that I am spending my time running around in circles in my awake state only to be unproductive, or never accomplish what I set out to do. And all of that makes me nervous.

It also is very true.

And so the avoidance comes in handy.

Here are some meanings to these dreams I like a little better than the "maybe" obvious reason stated above.

1) My subconscious mind wants me to know that running around in a panic to get to a destination is NOT productive at all and it wants me to know that I need to take a breath, start walking towards my destination at a leisurely pace all the while stopping to smell the roses and take in the beautiful scenery.

2) My subconscious wants me to recognize that making my self uncomfortable trying to get somewhere is also NOT productive and makes me feel even worse at the end of the day.

3) My subconscious mind wants me to breathe.

4) My subconscious mind is bringing me into awareness so that I can recognize and avoid running around in unproductive circles during my awake state.

5) I've been pondering getting back to my running routine lately and have been putting it off, maybe my subconscious mind wants me to not start running again because clearly I suck at it since I am late everytime!

I think that's it...

This is what my dream book says about running dreams: "If you dream of running, you need to keep going with what you are doing. Don't stop now". SWEET!

Now if you are having trouble running (sometimes I have a bum leg that just flails as I run making it very hard to move joke) this means: "symbolizes anxiety about progress, inability to reach a goal, or frustration about circumstances beyond your control that are holding you back. You need to relax and remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare" YUCK! The truth hurts.

Running dreams are frustrating and funny all at once. When I think of the way I run in them it makes me laugh out loud!

Maybe that's the real reason for the dream... I may never know {wink}.

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